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Finding Funding for Your Part-Time MBA Dreams


Finding Funding for Your Part-Time MBA Dreams

Pursuing an MBA while working can be challenging, but securing funding makes the endeavor more achievable. As a part-time student working to advance your career, scholarships open doors to valuable educational opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach due to cost. With some research and effort, you, too, can score funding to make your MBA dreams a financial reality.

Know the Types of Scholarships Available

Scholarships for part-time MBA students come in various forms. Need-based awards consider your annual income and ability to afford tuition costs. Merit-based scholarships reward strong academics, work experience, leadership qualities, and other merits independent of financial need. Employer tuition assistance reimburses some of your expenses if your company sponsors your education. Additionally, many schools offer diversity, veterans, and other targeted scholarships. Understanding your options helps you target suitable funding sources.

Research School Scholarships Early

Individual business schools administer the bulk of MBA scholarships. Starting your scholarship search on program websites reveals internal deadlines and application requirements. Most deadlines fall in the early spring before the upcoming fall semester begins. This allows time for review and award decisions over the summer. Procrastinating limits funding opportunities, so research school offerings should be as early in the application process. Sign up for scholarship information sessions and alerts from admissions.

Emphasize Your Merits in Applications

In scholarship essays, strong candidates spotlight qualities like GMAT scores, work experience, leadership roles, community service, and career goals. Provide concrete examples highlighting how you would represent the school’s values and contribute to your classes. Proofread thoroughly and ask others to review for quality. Although need-based qualifications factor most in evaluation, standout applications for merit awards help you compete. Customize each application to reflect the funder’s priorities.

Explore Corporate and External Funds

Look beyond your target schools to outside scholarship providers. Professional organizations, non-profits, employers, and corporations offer relevant funding. Search general scholarship databases to uncover hidden gems. For example, Google offers scholarships for technology MBAs, while Amazon funds specific business specializations. Additionally, tapping employer tuition benefits makes your education significantly more affordable. Thorough exploration uncovers additional dollars that boost your total aid package.

In conclusion, allocating strategic effort to scholarship applications can yield substantial returns by lessening your part-time MBA’s financial burden. You can start early, emphasize your strengths, and explore all relevant sources to maximize your funding potential. With diligent research and well-written submissions, discounted or free tuition becomes attainable for active students seeking to further their careers through an advanced business degree.


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