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Securing a Choral Scholarship in London


Securing a Choral Scholarship in London

Have you found a passion for choral music and want to pursue your love of singing while studying at a top university in London? A choral scholarship can provide an excellent opportunity to further your education while strengthening your musical skills as part of a renowned choir. This post will explore how to apply for and earn a prestigious choral award in one of the world’s musical capitals.

What is a Choral Scholarship?

A choral scholarship is a financial award that allows a student to cover the costs of their university studies partially or entirely through participation in their school’s choir program. Scholarship recipients, called choral scholars, commit to singing in the choir for a set number of hours each week in rehearsals and performances. In exchange, the scholarship fund pays for part or all their tuition, housing, and other educational expenses. Choral scholarships in London allow students incredible access to world-class musical training and opportunities to enhance their skills.

Top Universities Offering Choral Scholarships

Several of the UK’s top universities located in London provide choral scholarships. Three excellent options to consider include:

King’s College London

Home to one of the world’s most renowned choirs, King’s College offers prestigious choral awards. Students sing daily services and concerts in the beautiful King’s College Chapel.

University College London

UCL’s choral scholars perform as members of the UCL Choir and participate in outreach programs. Scholarships cover up to full tuition.

Royal Holloway, University of London

The acclaimed Royal Holloway Choir performs at significant venues under a Grammy-winning director. Generous awards cover tuition and housing.

The Application Process

Most universities start accepting choral scholarship applications for the following academic year in late fall or early winter. The process usually involves:

  • Completing the university application and indicating interest in a choral award
  • Submitting an audition video showcasing your vocal talent and ability to sight-read music.
  • Participating in an in-person audition, typically in late winter/early spring, including a singing assessment and short discussion
  • Notification of decisions is made by late spring.

Key Qualities Scholarship Committees Consider

When evaluating candidates, committees prioritize:

  • Excellent vocal ability and pitch/rhythmic accuracy
  • Experience singing in different parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)
  • Musicianship skills like sight-reading, part learning, and blending with an ensemble.
  • Commitment to choral excellence through diligent practice
  • Academic excellence and ability to balance music and studies.

Securing Your Place with Practice

The best way to bolster your chances is with solid preparation. Seek private voice lessons, join local choirs, spend time daily practicing sight singing, and demonstrate continued growth. Stand out by pursuing additional musical experiences and leadership roles that show dedication to the craft. With hard work cultivating your talents, a rewarding choral scholarship could be within reach.

This overview has provided helpful guidance on earning a valued choral award at a top London university. Applying the insights shared here can help aspiring singers pursue their musical dreams while obtaining an excellent education. Please get in touch with me if you need any other tips for navigating the choral scholarship application process.


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