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Finding Funding Online


Finding Funding Online

With the rising costs of higher education, online scholarships offer a promising path to funding your degree without going into deep debt. However, navigating the online scholarship landscape can feel overwhelming at first. This guide will explain the key things you need to know to start your search.

Understanding the Options

There are two main types of online scholarships to consider: need-based and merit-based. Need-based scholarships are awarded based on your estimated financial need, according to your FAFSA application. These typically come from government or university sources. However, scholarships handed out according to merit are determined by your achievements, talents, background, or intended significance rather than financial need. These often come from private organizations and companies. Some scholarships are a combination of both need and merit.

Finding Relevant Scholarships

The first step is to conduct targeted searches for scholarships that match your specific strengths and background. Sites like FastWeb and allow you to build a profile and find awards based on personal details like majors, years of study, community involvement, heritage, and more. Be sure to optimize your profile and fully set up automatic email alerts. Also, explore discipline-specific sites and organizations, which often award highly competitive funds.

The Application Process

Most online application forms require basic personal information, short essays, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Thoroughly following directions and conveying your experiences authentically is critical. Make sure to proofread for any errors before submitting. You may need to check the status of your applications online periodically. Maintaining organized records of your scholarship searches and applications will save you time.

With diligent searching and robust applications, online scholarships can make your education attainable. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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